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Let your name do your marketing

A lot of entrepreneurs, while starting off with their businesses, leave out one very important detail, the right name for their business. Getting the right name for your business is the most important thing to take your business to the path of success.  Names are quite powerful and make a huge difference to your business strategy. Once you get the right name, branding comes as a by-product of your advertising.

Here are a few tips that will come in handy when you decide a name for your website:

  1. The name should sound good when it’s said out loud. Using alliterations like ‘Coca-Cola’ did, is always recommended. Make sure your name doesn’t sound like a tongue twister. An easy name that is catchy also results in instant brand recall.
  2. Ensure your website name gives a clear message. Also make sure it’s not too generic otherwise it won’t stand out amongst all the other websites out there.
  3. Make sure your website name is not ‘text-ish’. Websites like Flickr can get confusing because if you’re new to it you won’t know whether you should spell is Flickr or Flicker.
  4. Avoid using initials as that can get boring. A lot of businesses have gotten away with it, but those are multibillion dollar co-operations that have stayed around for decades. As a fresher, it is recommended for you to not use initials.
  5. Depending on how big you want your brand to be, make sure that you can trademark the name that you have chosen.
  6. By using the ‘find keywords’ tool on Google AdWords. You can find similar search phrases and how many global and local searches it gets
  7. You can also try using a name that would eventually be used as a verb. For example, people who visit the TED conference, call themselves ‘TEDsters’.


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